EPR Services

What is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is the commitment made by a producer to facilitate a reverse collection mechanism and recycling of end of life, post-consumer waste. The objective is to circle it back into the system to recover resources embedded in the waste.

In the last few years, India has framed laws which have introduced the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility for plastic packaging waste and e-waste. The Plastic Recycle assists manufacturers and brand owners in the reverse logistics of these waste categories.

We have over 8 years of experience in helping national and multinational brands manage their Extended Producer Responsibility in India. We have developed an extensive collection network that includes consumers and the informal sector. The Plastic Recycle has also formally collaborated with authorised recyclers and end destinations. Our MIS system enables us to capture data and prepare detailed reports for our customers. 

Reverse logistics

The Plastic Recycle has a well-defined reverse supply chain that allows effective transportation of post-consumer waste to the authorized end destination

Social inclusion

The Plastic Recycle has innovative social inclusion models where informal waste workers will be able to meet the costs of compliance through incentives against delivering results.

Public awareness

The Plastic Recycle conducts extensive awareness programmed which include social media campaigns, corporate events and collection drives.

Engaging Public Participation

Awareness Program

Encouraging Peoples

Encouraging Feedback

Bringing Changes

  • Awarness by Social Media

    What we do

    We spread awareness about reusing and appropriate removal of waste material. We urge open to do dynamic interest in proper disposal of squander materials.

  • Mass Awareness Program

    Public Engagement on Social Media

    Along with social media awareness, We also ensure to do a lot of outdoor activities in the housing colonies and in other public places to create awareness among people about recycling.